Jun 02

Salesforce is a web service that a lot of businesses use to track leads and conversions. It only makes sense if you have a WordPress based website, that you might want WordPress and Salesforce integration. The only question is – how do you do it? What Salesforce.com CRM web service gives you typically is some [...]

Apr 02

Contact Form 7 is the most widely used contact form plugin for WordPress EVER. While there are hundreds of different types of contact form plugins, there are just as many addon plugins that extend the capabilities of Contact Form 7. Here are the ones we like… The Original Contact Form 7, now downloaded over 3.6 [...]

Oct 23

If you were looking for the “best WordPress premium themes” – you came to the right place! We install a lot of premium WordPress themes, and we’ve used them all – from iThemes, to WooThemes, StudioPress, and Press75. They all have great themes, but if you haven’t noticed – they can be a bit pricey [...]

Aug 19

I’m going to explain how the “Google Fonts WordPress Plugin” works. If there’s one thing that’s been a constraint for building web sites for a decade now – it’s been what fonts you can use in a web site. Your computer might have dozens – if not hundreds of fonts available, but if you use [...]

Jul 10

I try a lot of plugins, and some of theme just never get updated to a fully mature version. One plugin I’ve had a few years has been through multiple revisions that’s one of my favorites is the WP Testimonials Plugin. It does the job well, for exactly what you would expect. You enter the [...]

Jul 08

If you’ve had a web site for any length of time, you probably already know what an XML sitemap is, and if you want to get indexed in all the 3 big search engines (as soon as you post) – you know you need to register that sitemap with them in “webmaster” control panels at [...]

Jun 23

There are so many WordPress “related posts” plugins – it’s hard to figure out which one may be best for you. Some work better than others, some have different algorithms, and I’ve had one or two myself that conflicted with other installed plugins, so I had to remove it and move to a better alternative. [...]

Jun 04

Recently I had a blog where I had to mass publish a lot of pending posts and drafts all at once (hundreds), and the thought of cycling through them one by one was really annoying to me. I spent a few minutes searching and searching for just the right plugin, and while there were many [...]

Apr 27

It’s pretty easy to create wordpress blog posts using nothing but email. With the amount of people using Facebook, Twitter, and mobile “smart phones” to update their profiles – why not update your blog via your phone too? The ability the create a blog post via an email has been around quite awhile, but I [...]

Apr 07

The need to bulk delete or bulk posts and pages in WordPress is quite common. WordPress will only allow you to see 10 posts at a time, so the most you can delete at once is 10. If you have to delete 600 posts, or even 100 drafts, it can be very time consuming. This [...]